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You want to pay your debt, build up savings and have a great relationship with your money. You are ready to take control of your finances and use it as a tool to create freedom for yourself. You want to build wealth and reach your goals. 
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I feel like I've learned so much and continue to learn from the resources and work on my financial goals. This was a great opportunity!

Polina Subkina


I used to feel unsure about my finances and setting bigger goals, but Liz helped me create a budget and a system that works for me!

Eliana Subero

3D Artist

It's exceeded my expectations! Thanks to Liz I got the tools to keep my money on track and grow my emergency fund.

Anna Shalygina

Office & Community Manager


Liz Lobo

This project was created for all the women out there who are tired of feeling anxious and helpless when it comes to their finances. For those who don’t want to just live paycheck to paycheck .
I believe that every woman can become confident in her money moves. Women should know how to spend, save, earn and invest with pleasure, while feeling stable and free.

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